CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HEAD TILT? How fucking awesome is that choice right there? I want to know if that was Tyler or the director that asked for that because it seems incredibly deliberate to me. It seems deliberate in an affectionate way (which is why I feel like it might have been a choice by Tyler, who I think has an overwhelming affection for Dylan and Stiles and so it might have been a natural movement) because this is a dude who EVERY MOVEMENT right now is a struggle. But he tilts his head into Stiles and he has this weird LOOK on his face and I can’t tell exactly but I think he gives a big swallow as well, like a gulp. 

It’s resignation, it’s affection, it’s fright. It has to be said that these episodes were written and filmed months ago, this isn’t baiting, this is a deliberate choice to put these two together to call them out and say, romantically or platoniclly “everyone notices you should be together, you make a good team”. AGAIN romantically, platoniclly, I think Stiles and Derek are who they should trust. I think they are who they need to let in. To have the bad guy, to have the guy who has been mother fucking monologuing all damn night but who has also been WATCHING everyone, call this out was FANTASTIC. Because it gives an outside view. 

And STILES, Stiles remaining completely silent, he lets Matt say whatever the fuck he wants because Stiles doesn’t care, he is a character who doesn’t care about that, honestly. He’s on top of Derek, he’s incredibly vulnerable at this point. He’s really struggling in this episode, he’s scared but he is CONFIDENT in Derek as it comes up later (the teeth line), he has trust in him in this scene and when they’re on the floor. He has trust that Derek WILL bite Matt’s face off if he comes closer and that Derek WILL do what he can, even paralyzed, to protect Stiles. And he does. He threatens Matt, he tells Scott to just take Stiles (take him away from Derek, away from danger) and then the most important thing of all, he protects the Sheriff. I hope to GOD this comes up again, because that is huge for Stiles. Who again, in this episode, was lying helpless watching his nightmare. But the big bad wolf came to the rescue. Pretty. fucking. awesome.

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