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To build a home   
Rating: T
Words: 5,682 (2/? chapters)
Summary: Stiles thinks it’s a fantastic idea - Scott thinks it’s a joke, but that’s beside the point - and how he’s pretty dead set on helping Derek fix his house.

→ Reasonable to assume (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 20,145 (7/8 chapters)
Summary: "You’re a werewolf! He’s a werebaby! How can you not know what to do with him?"  

→ Show you what all the howl is for
Rating: T
Words: 14,609 
Summary: Teen wolf/SGA team-fic, with Lydia being awesome. 
"This is a terrible idea" Stiles tells the room again. "You’ll all be sorry when Derek pushes me off a cliff. 

Hear his alibis
Rating: T
Words: 6,628 
Summary: Creepy never looked so cute - or, how Sheriff Stiles accidentally adopted a juvenile offender. 

Shhhh! I’m listening to reason 
Rating: M
Words: 3,378 
Summary: Stiles falls into a frozen lake, then falls into bed with a werewolf.

He is as he is 
Rating: T
Words: 1,176
Summary: First time and muffins.  

Being pack
Rating: Not rated
Words: 2,634
Summary: Stiles is upset, Derek is surprisingly bothered by the idea that he might be the cause.

Headlong (I’m falling a) (♥)
Rating: M
Words:  80,931 (4/4 chapters)
Summary: Kink meme fill: When Stiles goes to college, for some reason, he has to share an apartment with Derek, which sucks, because Derek still hates him the most. They fall in love.

→ Once I start (I cannot help myself)
Rating: M
Words: 1,021
Summary: Derek has a thing for sex in cars.

A little drunk on you
Rating: Not rated
Words: 1,750
Summary: In which Stiles gets drunk and Derek has to deal with him.

→ Dude, my shirt (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 2,265 
Summary: Allison’s dad “accidentally” spills some wolf sex pheromones on Stiles in chem class one day. Derek gets a whiff of them and can’t control himself

White noise
Rating: NC-17  
Words: ~1,500
Summary: “That shirt’s not yours,” Scott says to Stiles immediately when Stiles picks him up in his old Jeep and he points to the purple Led Zeppelin shirt that Stiles is wearing.

I need you so much closer (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 72,620 (6/6 chapters)
Summary: Afterwards he’d attribute it to anything else he could. Adrenaline, worry, head trauma, even maybe just withdrawal from Adderol. It was just a flash of pain, from just his temples to the back of his head. It traveled faster than Stiles could comprehend; he just felt the dull after ache as if he’d been hit. But he hadn’t. He was pretty sure he hadn’t.

Adore to see you fly (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 11,309
Summary: Stiles is a pyromaniac, derek is a sociopath. a match made in some kind of heaven. teen wolf kink meme fill.

Go the fuck to sleep
Rating: T
Words: 2,492
Summary: Stiles is sick and Derek takes care of him. Kinda. And mostly despite himself.

Darling, is no joke (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 13,250 
Summary: The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

Things to do on dates you aren’t having (♥)
Rating: M
Words:  5,556 
Summary: "So are we dating now or what?" Stiles asks the third time he finds himself doing the obligatory postcoital cuddling with a certain sour wolf.

The potential of you and me 
Rating: T
Words: 2,971 
Summary: "Oh my god! You bit me! Didn’t you?! You bit me! So I’m part of your pack and that’s why you can calm me and shit!" And Stiles is definitely on the verge of another panic attack until Derek’s hand is curved around his neck, just resting there. Stiles takes a few deep breaths to pull himself together. "Sorry, sorry, continue."

→ Go home (or make a home) (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 7,437 
Summary: In a world where Derek lets Scott kill the Alpha and get the cure, he has to figure out how to rebuild his life, with help from Stiles.

How to woo a werewolf
Rating: M
Words: 910 
Summary: By Stiles Stilinski - who has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale.

→ Open the door (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 2,2450 
Summary: Derek gives Stiles his jacket.

Full stops and exclamation marks
Rating: M
Words: 1,383 
Summary: So when he says, “I think I love you,” as his head drops back down on the pillow right after Derek blows his brain out through his dick, it’s obviously the amazing orgasm talking. His dick loves Derek’s mouth. His ass loves Derek’s dick. There’s a lot of love going around body parts, the acceptable physical kind of love that’s based on chemical reactions, experience and technique.

Rating: T
Words: 1,461 
Summary: Stiles doesn’t remember the first time he kissed Derek.

Heavy petting (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 6,573 
Summary: Stiles only knows one way to do relationships, and that’s complicated.

Unresolved Stiles tension
Rating: T
Words: 1,465
Summary: Four times Stiles asked if Derek found him attractive, and the one time Derek actually answered.

→ Alpha Spikes (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 61,794 (7/7 chapters)
Summary: AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year’s heat season, as a tribute to all they’ve done for their communities. Derek is an Alpha and…yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he’s just turned eighteen. This…is not his day.

Rating: PG-13
Words: ~ 4,000
Summary: Stiles wakes up.

Window sneak
Rating: T
Words: 2,167 
Summary: Derek starts marking Stiles with his scent by wearing his clothes and touching all his stuff— and worst of all, touching him. Stiles is…confused.

A swelling rage
Rating: M
Words: 1,750
Summary: For the kink meme prompt: It’s the bruise on Stiles’ arm, like the curve of fingers, that makes Derek see red.

What are we building here?
Rating: M
Words: 2,582 
Summary: Eventually he’ll come to terms with the idea that a healthy fear of Derek Hale isn’t a slight against his manhood, but a testament to his sanity.

Rating: M
Words: 2,812
Summary: Of course it would start raining, Stiles thinks, as he trudges through the woods, slipping on wet foliage every few yards, so that by the time he’s within sight of the Hale house, he’s soaked, and his hands and knees are filthy. (…)

Survival strategies and interior design
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4,710 
Summary: It takes Derek a lot longer than it should to realize what Stiles is doing.

→  If you get lost you can always be found
Rating: T
Words: 8,956 
Summary: Stiles is delirious and dehydrated when he stumbles into Derek’s auto shop with a broken down jeep. Afterwards, for some reason, Stiles can’t seem to stay away. Even if he’s pretty sure Derek hates him. A lot.

Trying to Track Colours in a Kaleidoscope
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~1,200
Summary: He doesn’t notice Derek until the werewolf is crouched down in front of him. There’s blood on his face, rips in his clothes, and he looks close to puking, but he holds out his hand, helps Stiles to his feet, and together they limp out of the room, down the corridor, and out to Stiles’ car. 

Sequel: The opening to many a horror flick
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~1,100
Summary: Wolves aren’t people, they have their own code and traits and views on the world. There’s no equating the two. And while the idea of having Derek protect him from anybody looking to sink their teeth in is mighty comforting, it’s disturbing too, because he can see the fight in Derek’s eyes and he knows the part about human Derek wanting to punch him is entirely true.

Empty spaces
Rating: Not rated
Words: 1,401 
Summary: After losing everything, Derek gains a pack and something else he did not expect.

→ Just a few questions
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2,537 
Summary: Sheriff Stilinski has some questions. The answers aren’t what he expected.

First to last and the smiles in between
Rating: Not rated
Words: 3,593 
Summary: At first, the meetings are the week before the full moon, just to make sure that Scott, Jackson, and Lydia are going to meet up at Derek’s house so they can howl at the moon without interference or something. Stiles isn’t sure, as he’s not invited to them.

Differential equations
Rating: T
Words: 5,170 
Summary: Stiles has all the variables, but he doesn’t even know that there needs to be an equation yet. 

I bring you dead things because I love you
Rating: T
Words: ~721
Summary: For some bizarre, unknown reason, Derek seems determined to win Stiles’s affection, and so he begins to court him. However, he goes about it in a very odd way.

I died so I could hunt you
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~1,200
Summary: Haunting requires skill and showmanship. Something werewolves will never understand. 

How it should be (we just have to fix it)
Rating: T
Words: 2,778 
Summary: Set after the events of Abomination. Derek never did get a chance to finish asking his questions and Stiles is not in the mood.

Rating: M
Words: 2,332 
Summary: When Stiles doesn’t listen to Derek and almost gets himself killed, Derek decides to spank him as punishment.

A rose by any other
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,637 
Summary: At first Stiles thinks he’s going crazy. All his Axe products keep disappearing. Everything from his shower gel to his body spray.

Rating: M
Words: 3,645 
Summary: It was supposed to be a joke when Stiles said the words. He’s sleeping with a werewolf, the collar jokes were bound to come up eventually. Stiles just never thought Derek’s eyes would go blue and for it to get so – Stiles doesn’t know how to describe it, that feeling emanating from Derek beyond intense.

Damaged goods
Rating: M
Words: 6,516 
Summary: 'There’s fire then, burning Derek from the inside out because he needs to breathe but can’t. Chemical fire rages in his body and he’s going to die in the flames just like his family did. Derek doesn’t want to die, but there is nothing he can do to stop it. '

They can keep me high
Rating: M
Words: 2,417 
Summary: Stiles builds an altar.

Holding on and letting go
Rating: M
Words: 978 
Summary: Because home is where you heart lies.

Come to you when you call
Rating: M
Words: 1,799 
Summary: Stiles smells good and Derek finds that annoying. Then there’s sex.

Civilian disguise
Rating: T
Words: 1,725 
Summary: After Danny asks about Derek’s bloody shirt, Stiles realizes Derek doesn’t have many clothes and takes him shopping. Dressing room shenanigans.

Won’t you lay your hands on me
Rating: M
Words: 3,683
Summary: "He misses his regular appointment to get shorn because he’s too busy trying to keep Scott out of trouble and he starts to look a little bit like a hedgehog. By the time he misses the rescheduled appointment though, his hair’s grown out enough that he really can’t be bothered." 

Push back (and then kick him where it hurts)
Rating: M
Words: 6,766 
Summary: Maybe they had reached that moment where it was positively suicidal to continue provoking Derek, where it became as dangerous as poking a lethal animal with a sharp stick, but they were supposed to be equals.

Left turn on a red light
Rating: M
Words: 14,615 (5/? chapters)
Summary: Stiles’ dad has a hard job. It’s about to get more difficult.

I let the beast in and then
Rating: M
Words: 2,446 
Summary: "Stiles rolls his eyes. "What could go wrong, Dad? You nixed everything fun."

Mayor awesome
Rating: M
Words:  2,934 (bottom!derek. I KNOW.)
Summary: Stiles handcuffs Derek to his bed.

I just want to keep this dream in me
Rating: T
Words:  2,786 
Summary: When Stiles was nine, his mom told him the secret to the universe.

You know it will always just be me
Rating: M
Words:  2,132 
Summary: Stiles doesn’t know how he ended up in the high school swimming pool with Derek at night, but he can honestly say that he doesn’t totally hate it like he thought he would. Not that he spends a lot of time thinking about dark swimming pools, Derek Hale, and the eerily romantic glow of pool lights or anything.

Rating: M
Words: 8,555 
Summary:  Where the plant comes from and what it is are irrelevant, are unimportant – because, when Derek inhales shakily and starts breaking out in a cold sweat, Stiles realizes he should be much more concerned with what it does. 

Sequel: The way we are
Rating: T
Words: 3,269 
Summary: Sometimes you don’t know what you want, and sometimes you’re not prepared for it either way. It doesn’t have to be the end.

Rating: M
Words:  6,616 (5/? chapters)
Summary: After Stiles saves Derek’s life in the pool, he realizes that he wants him in his pack. Stiles is not really down with that.

Mating habits of the domesticated north american werewolf
Rating: M
Words: 27,501 (5/5 chapters)
Summary: Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

Slow burn 
Rating: M
Words:  68,693 (35/35 chapters)
Summary: Derek takes the pack on a vacation weekend to a beach, where they share a house. Derek and Stiles are forced to share a room after Allison and Scott claim one room, and Lydia claims another for her and Jackson. This leads the two towards bonding and more.

The sanctuary
Rating: M
Words:  24,522 
Summary: Stiles runs away during his first heat, right into the waiting and ambiguously scary arms of the Alpha’s nephew, Derek Hale. He doesn’t have any choice except to submit, but along the way, he digs up a mystery that threatens his family and even the town’s safety.

And every demon wants (his pound of flesh)
Rating: T
Words: 4,282 
Summary: The first bruise is from a playful shove delivered by Scott. It rests just underneath his last left rib, yellowing with time. The flesh there feels tender to his touch, even though it doesn’t outright hurt. When he takes his shirt off for lacrosse practice the first time after that he is self conscious. What if somebody notices? What if they bring it up? What if they tell his dad?

Hey there little red (♥) 
Rating: M
Words: 52,909 (10/10 chapters)
Summary: Stiles knew that agreeing to meet Lydia in the middle of the damn woods, in the middle of the damn night wasn’t one of his best ideas. Really. He did.

Worst case scenario
Rating: T
Words: 4,936 
Summary: Stiles is good at compartmentalizing bad news. It’s partly a learned behavior, and partly because of his well practiced coping technique. It may not be the most emotionally healthy thing to do, but it gets him through the day.

And dwell beneath my shadow
Rating: M
Words: 8,694 
Summary: Derek is not stupid. He gets why Stiles puts up with him. It’s clear every time Stiles looks at him, the spicy scent of lust and arousal Stiles’s body can’t help but put off. It doesn’t surprise him. Not at all. Derek knows what he looks like, knows that his face and his body are more than enough to compensate for his shitty personality. Stiles wants him more than he is annoyed by him. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not anything to be amazed over, nothing to write home about. Stiles isn’t the first— and most likely won’t be the last— hormone soaked teen who has panted over Derek.

Baby, it’s cold outside
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2,791 
Summary: Beacon Hills has a snow storm. Totally-not-cuddling happens.

A fool for fire
Rating: M
Words: 8,920 (1/3 chapters)
Summary: Stiles and Derek see their relationship in two very different ways.

One for money, two for the show
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1,331
Summary: Written for the prompt: Scott and/or Jackson come over to see Derek and find Derek and Stiles fucking (the rougher, more animalistic, bitey, knotting, etc the better). Scott/Jackson end up secretly watching them, getting totally turned on and jerking off.

Crawl ‘til down
Rating: M
Words: 7,286
Summary: It takes Derek a good twenty minutes to get back on his feet again.

Baker’s dozen
Rating: M
Summary: Standing at the doorway in the mouth of the kitchen, Stiles just  stared.  And stared. Then dug out his phone because there was no way he was not documenting this on film somehow.(…)

→ Almost there, going nowhere
Rating: M
Words: 3,373
Summary: Werewolves mate for life, and Derek thinks Stiles is too young to know what he wants. Stiles thinks that’s a bunch of crap, and decides to take matters into his own hands.

→ The complementary series (♥)
- pt.1: Go big or go home
Rating: Not rated
Words: 8,389
Summary: Danny is not anybody’s gay yoda. He’d like to make that much clear.
- pt.2: The fight, and fate
Rating: M
Words: 9,776
Summary: This is the moment, Derek thinks. The moment where he could step back, get in his car and drive off, leaving Stiles alone.
- pt.3: I’m an animal too
Rating: Not rated
Words: 11,885
Summary: Scott and Stiles have a code. Not a code like Mr. Argent has a code, not like a guide-your-morals code or a bro-code code, more like a secret code.
- pt.4: I wish I was the moon
Rating: Not rated
Words: 7,572
Summary: Stiles doesn’t act like his mom is dying.

Needs more sparkly pens
Rating: PG-13
Words: none.
Summary: Stiles leaves leaves a notebook of his at Derek’s or in his car or whatevs, and Derek goes to take it to him and notices that it’s filled with little hearts with Stiles+Derek, and Stiles Hale, and Derek Stilinski, and tons of doodles of little wolves. 
- pt.2: We need to talk about sparkly pens
Rating: M
Words: none.
Summary: Stiles finds his notebook in his bedroom and oh holy god. (Spoilers through 2x07, kind of.) 

Bullet holes
- pt. 1: You blew through me like bullet holes
Rating: M
Words: 3,817 
Summary: He would’ve made a joke about that, about letting Derek in, but Derek was a werewolf, not a vampire, and he could probably show up uninvited whenever and wherever he damn well pleased. Which, after that, he did. And Stiles couldn’t bring himself to mind very much.
pt.2: Keep the car running
Rating: M
Words: 3,194 
Summary: Sex in Derek’s car.

Drive carefully. And don”t forget to fasten your condom
Rating: T
Words: 5,752 
Summary: Derek explained the situation as clearly as he could while leaving out his own relationship with the boys, the alcohol at the party, and the fact they knew Jackson was responsible. Or that any werewolves were involved. Or that Stiles had turned out to be such a responsive little perv.

Be my animal, hunt me down
Rating: T
Words: 3,594 
Summary: Stiles usually makes good decisions. Usually. Sometimes he chases howling wolves through the forest on the full moon. Nobody’s perfect.

Feels like belonging
Rating: T
Words: 2,513 
Summary: Stiles isn’t sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.

Bittersweet between my teeth (♥) 
Rating: M
Words: 4,472 
Summary: At first he thinks it’s the Adderall - the Adderall, mixed with the Jack and Coke, mixed with whatever else he shouldn’t have drank - but this has never happened before, not like this.

First to last and the smiles in between
Rating: Not rated
Words: 3,593 
Summary: At first, the meetings are the week before the full moon, just to make sure that Scott, Jackson, and Lydia are going to meet up at Derek’s house so they can howl at the moon without interference or something. Stiles isn’t sure, as he’s not invited to them.

→ Pack dynamics for dummies
Rating: T
Words: 28,954 (3/4 chapters)
Summary: Stiles isn’t sure how a Pack is supposed to work, but he’s pretty sure that this this disorganized jumble of people and events doesn’t quite qualify. He has to hand it to Derek though, he keeps trying. And Stiles has never been one to stand quietly on the sidelines.

Dream catcher  
Rating: T
Words: 7,447
Summary: Stiles has been kidnapped. Stiles is still there. Derek may be losing his mind.

→ A second alpha 
Rating: M
Words: 6,253 
Summary: An eventful few weeks in the life of Stiles Stilinski, beginning and ending with awkward encounters at the supermarket with none other than Allison’s dad.

Bunny rabits are not the only food group (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 17,673 (3/5 chapters)
Summary: The only thing stupider than getting killed is getting killed because there’s not enough fiber in your diet. 

And now I’m sunk
Rating: T
Words: 3,773
Summary: Derek’s anchor starts slipping.

To have outlived the night (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 23,448
Summary: Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”

Counting to infinity (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 15,763
Summary: When Derek goes deaf, he finds himself going to Stiles for help. Stiles does.

Carry me home series
- pt.1: I was looking for a hooker (when I found you)
Rating: M
Words: 4,156
Summary: Stiles is a twenty year old virgin who really wants to get fucked. But he doesn’t want it to be super awkward or strange with some person he picks up in a bar so he orders a call man or whatever you call a male call girl [gigolo? Hustlers are on the street?] and he asks them to come to a hotel. Cue Derek who is not a hooker! but accidentally knocks on the wrong door, and Stiles is all HOLY SHIT YES and kisses him, and Derek is like, well, it’s the right door now, and they have sex.
- pt.2: Oh, you’re the one I had to meet
Rating: M
Words: 3,476
Summary: “There’s a model in our living room asking for you,” Danny says, poking his head through Stiles’ bedroom door.

Secret santa
Rating: T
Words: 10,871
Summary: Stiles was all odd angles and squirming. He shoved words into spaces where they shouldn’t go. He stood his ground when he should have run. He helped and protected Derek and the pack without ever asking for anything in return. Derek found himself wanting a lot of things from Stiles that he hadn’t allowed himself to want from anyone in a long time, which made Stiles feel like a cliff that he was in danger of leaping off of.

Ten weeks
Rating: T
Words: 10,024
Summary: They say no news is good news at a doctor’s office. The news Stiles gets changes everything.

Care for
Rating: T
Words: 1,217
Summary: Derek has checked in on the rest of his pack, there’s one left.

Come to my window series
- pt.1: Hale bait
Rating: M
Words: 2,397
Summary: Stiles is having some much-needed alone time. Derek interrupts. Then things get interesting. 
- pt.2: Slipped from your mouth into mine
Rating: M
Words: 3,128
Summary: Derek comes back for round two.

Every step you take (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 49,347 (5/5 chapters)
Summary: Stiles accidentally ends up magically bound to Derek. It’s super

Every eye is full of fire
Rating: T
Words: 6,791
Summary: Derek doesn’t argue, which proves Stiles is going to die

Entrapment (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 1,009
Summary: "So," says Stiles, lips barely able to move against Derek’s shoulder. "This is a thing, huh? I don’t think we can deny that it’s a thing. A conspiracy. All supernatural beings want us to be trapped in enclosed spaces."

Build an ivory tower
Rating: M
Words: 8,339
Summary: Stiles didn’t know how Derek sleeping on his floor developed into sleeping in his bed, or how cuddling ended up turning into Derek humping his ass. He didn’t agree to being knotted in the school locker room, either. But what can you do when Derek Hale wants something? He’s the Alpha, after all.

Discerning/ demanding
Rating: M
Words: 1,747
Summary: Stiles doesn’t know why Derek keeps talking about this dinner like it’s a real date or something. Stiles knows he’s joking. Obviously.

Events occur in real time
Rating: M
Words: 13,435 (2/2 chapters)
Summary: To say that Stiles is having a bad day would be a gross understatement. As it is, he’s not sure how he ended up here, depending on Derek Hale of all people to save him - again. 

Connect the dots
Rating: M
Words: 4,968
Summary: So Stiles maybe had a bit of a thing for Derek.

Deep down in his blood
Rating: M
Words: 3,718
Summary: “Do you want me to get you wet?” Derek asks, low now, like a growl.

An animal in your care
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~3,800
Summary: What are you supposed to do when an injured werewolf turns up in your bedroom? 
pt.2: I’ll believe in anything
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~4,700
Summary: Stiles doesn’t know what he’s supposed to believe anymore. 
pt.3: In the direction of the moon
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~4,400
Summary: In which Stiles cooks and takes his meals with weirdos.

I can taste it, it’s my sweet beginning (♥) 
Rating: M
Words: 3,917
Summary: Derek has a habit of breaking Stiles’ things. Stiles has taken to keeping a list of what’s been broken.

Five times Derek Hale tried to be subtle (and one time he said fuck it)
Rating: M
Words: 1,428
Summary: Prompt: How about a rival alpha fic? Like an alpha from a boarding territory strolls into town and tries to claim Stiles before Derek has gotten the chance/seduced him properly?!

Find (me)
Rating: T
Words: 1,124
Summary: Prompt: ”all the love for whoever writes me hurt!stiles after he is kidnapped by the argents and tortured for info and then rescued by the pack and derek who takes care of him in the aftermath”

Every time you go
Rating: T
Words: 1,248
Summary: Derek’s mouth gets ahead of his brain and Stiles is the one who pays for it. ”The first time he says it, they’re in the middle of some spectacular foreplay.”

Fever all through the night
Rating: T
Words: 1,391
Summary: "There’s a prize?" he offers lamely, after it’s clear that Derek is really, seriously pissed off and not prepared to back down any time soon.

Two breaths in (♥)
Rating: Not rated
Words: 906
Summary: There were five times that Erica was sure that Derek was in love with Stiles, and there was one time someone believed her.

Fire in the blood
Rating: Not rated
Words: 2,258
Summary: Gerard Argent sets another fire…

Come & save me
Rating: Not rated
Words: 10,858
Summary: Once the gang figures out who’s controlling the Kanima, one of the most important assets of the group is kidnapped- Stiles. With Stiles gone, the Kanima and its controller still on the loose, it’s up to the gang (plus Derek) to find Stiles alive while still trying to keep the whole “werewolves are real” thing under wraps.

Good intentions
Rating: T
Words: 2,606
Summary: “Yeah,” Derek says.

Guess what (Sidelines are way more safe place)
Rating: M
Words: 1,940
Summary: So yeah, everything started with Stiles punching Derek. But he could swear that it was totally accidental, more like his fist had launched itself towards Derek’s very solid jaw in an outburst of affection. It’s not like Stiles was trying to harm Derek.

Fuzzy logic (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 6,504
Summary: Derek and Stiles switch bodies because of wizard reasons and Stiles just wants to know what that awesome scent is.

Hearts all around my feet, don’t you ever sweep the street
Rating: T
Words: 1,203
Summary: Stiles knows he isn’t attractive to gay guys or straight girls. He decides to check in with Derek on the straight dudes thing. Scott wants it known that his only problem with this is that he had to be there to hear it.

Hardhearted, don’t worry (I’m ready for a fight)
Rating: Not rated
Words: 1,950
Summary: Derek makes his home in Stiles.

Hide and seek isn’t what it used to be
Rating: T
Words: 1,725
Summary: When Stiles comes into possession of some less-than-legal substances, he knows he’s got to get rid of them before his dad finds them. So it’s either throw them away, or see if he can get Derek to loosen up for once. This is Stiles we’re talking about, so the choice isn’t a tough one.

I wanna take you to A-
Rating: M
Words: 5,130
Summary: ”He doesn’t like to think he’s following orders, but he does slink away to the bar, where he thinks it’s marginally quieter. At least it sounds like Ale-ale-jandro isn’t right in his ear, anyway. Stiles sighs. He’d already texted Scott from the car and gotten back ‘srry w allison bro derek gve me nite off.”

I intend to be independently blue
Rating: M
Words: 21,757 (5/5 chapters)
Summary: Stiles is the worst thing that could have happened to Derek. He hasn’t been wolfing out at inopportune moments since his teens, but only because he has a system in place. And this is where Stiles comes into play. Because he’s been messing with this system, and doesn’t even know. Also, there’s a wendigo.

I need you more than ever before
Rating: T
Words: 1,626
Summary: It’s been an hour since Derek found him standing by the creek, soaked through from the rain and sat at the base of a tree; panic causing tremors to rip through his body as his breathing shuddered.

I feel you in my heart and I don’t even know you
Rating: T
Words: 3,496
Summary: Stiles met Derek on his sixth birthday.

Dilf (♥) (note: If I could I would put 1 million hearts in this one ok)
Rating: M
Words: 30,871
Summary: "Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

If garlic and I had a baby, I would eat it
Rating: M
Words: 3,513
Summary: Stiles meets Derek Hale at a pizza place. Scott thinks he’s creepy. Stiles is inclined to disagree. AU in which Derek works at a pizza place.

I’d catch a grenade for you (you’d do the same)
Rating: T
Words: 4,845
Summary: Stiles takes a silver bullet aimed at Derek. It’s all very strangely light hearted after that. 

I see the best of me inside your eyes
Rating: Not rated
Words: 1,663
Summary: “I feel like this might be MTV show worthy,” Stiles says suddenly, and even at Derek’s exasperated look, adds, “This should be an episode of True Life. True Life: I’m Seventeen and Already Shopping for Curtains Because My Older Boyfriend Is a Moron.”

→ Stiles im coming 2 sAVE U
Rating: T
Words: 645
Summary: - OMFG


Important things
Rating: M
Words: 71,465 (21/21 chapters)
Summary: Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What thehell?

Words like sparks (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 6,222
Summary: Stiles is an incredible songwriter 

 → It’s nine in the afternoon
Rating: T
Words: 2,572
Summary: Stiles has never seen Derek kiss anyone. Or the one where Stiles almost gets punched in the face by a werewolf and of course, Derek saves the day, again. With his lips.

Jealousy (I can smell it on you)
Rating: M
Words: 1,151
Summary: When Stiles enters his own bedroom, Derek barely gives him time to shut the door before crowding him against the wooden surface. “Where have you been?” he barks in Stiles’ direction.
“Good to see you too,” Stiles mutters sarcastically. Because manners? They stand to Alphas the same way pink, furry handcuffs stand to Mr. Argent.

Late night basement songs
Rating: T
Words: 8,233
Summary: Band AU. They’re still nobodies when Laura Hale hears them, when she asks them to open for her band at their show in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is a little terrifying and extremely exciting and it’s the first real gig they book. It’s also the first time that Stiles meets Derek.

Late nights and early mornings
Rating: M
Words: 3,349
Summary: He gets out of the car slowly and stands there for a second, staring up at the diner’s flickering sign: ‘Dorothy’s Good Food, Open 2 Hours’. The ‘4’ burned out when Stiles was ten, and they never bothered to replace the bulbs. It’s a pretty good summary of Dorothy’s, really, but Stiles loves it anyway-he and Scott spent most of their freshman and sophomore year weekends here, hunched over dingy formica tables and arguing about comic books and video games like the complete losers they were. And still are at heart, really, superpowers and bizarre adventures aside.

Lay your head to rest
Rating: T
Words: 863
Summary: Prompt: Something fluffy after Derek becomes alpha.

Lips stained red (from a bottle of wine) (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 7,192
Summary: Nine years, Stiles thinks. Nine years and it only takes that for him to cave to Derek fucking Hale.

If I could turn back time
Rating: Not rated
Words: 5,502
Summary: Stiles wakes up in a world in which Kate Argent was never born.

If you give you being to live
Rating: T
Words: 3,719
Summary: Derek didn’t actually say anything when Stiles shouldered through his front door carrying a really stupidly heavy pot full of casserole in both arms, just raised an impossibly, eloquently aggressive eyebrow.

If you wanna be my lover
Rating: Not rated
Words: 1,597
Summary: It’s not as if Stiles intentionally forgets about the bi-monthly pack meeting of great importance, its just, he gets home from school and realizes his house is a mess of the highest order.

Tricksters make this world (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 26,360
Summary: Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills during the new moon in April.

Know just where you’ve been
Rating: M
Words: 4,175
Summary: “No, you smell…You smell like Derek.”

Good things series
- pt.1: In large packages
Rating: M
Words: 6,123
Summary: His social circle consists almost entirely of creatures of the night and men who dress as women; if he ever wants to pop his cherry he’s going to have to make some concessions somewhere.
pt.2: If tables are turned
Rating: M
Words: 3,944
Summary: One minute they’d all been talking in deeply nostalgic tones about graduation and the next, Stiles had somehow been expounding on the details of his sex life and defending his ability to top his alpha boyfriend. Hours later, he’s still trying to figure out how one bridged to the other.

If you’re wondering, If I want you to (I want you to)
Rating: M
Words: 3,025
Summary: Derek’s not an expert on wooing or taking hints. He gets by with a little help from cult films.

Rating: T
Words: 1,231
Summary: After saving Stiles from Isaac, Derek has to make sure that Stiles is okay, if that includes getting Stiles naked and marking him his so his beta and any other werewolf knows, so be it.

In the company of wolves, I sat in silence, observant and unafraid
Rating: M
Words: 704
Summary: Some days they fuck. Some days they don’t fuck at all.

Mouthful of sand
Rating: T
Words: 5,215
Summary: A Five Things-esque piece wherein Derek lurks at a library, Stiles gets punched in the face, and they both have a hard time coming to terms with their relationship.

Not another teen road trip
Rating: Not rated
Words: 5,631
Summary: Stiles blinks and shakes his head when he gets to the trunk, “So, this is a great start, right?” Derek leans his head against the steering wheel and tries not to cry. “Just remember,” Erica starts from her spot behind Derek, “This was your idea.”

Never been
Rating: M
Words: 4,202
Summary: Stiles gets snared in a virgin trap. Derek to the rescue!

My, what large teeth you have (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 6,306
Summary: A trip to deliver a neighbor’s package goes wrong, and Stiles wishes he’d kept up with his laundry.

Oh, it’s love (is it?)
Rating: T
Words: 3,724
Summary: Then there’s a period of time where Derek tries to aggressively date Stiles just because while Stiles is blatantly uncooperative.

Living links
Rating: M
Words: 2,747
Summary: This is it, he thinks as he dips his fingers into the bowl. No coming back. Once you tie yourself to a pack, to an Alpha, it’s a connection that’ll always be there.

Lockpicking 101
Rating: M
Words: 3,160
Summary: YouTube is the devil, and Stiles is not cut out for a life of crime.

Lone wolf
Rating: M
Words: 14,344
Summary: Derek needs Stiles’ help. Again. But what’s with all the sniffing?

Love is a burning thing
Rating: M
Words: 2,314
Summary: Derek saves Stiles from a fire. Soot-covered wall!sex results.

Making amends
Rating: T
Words: 1,329
Summary: Erica’s actions cause more than just an unexpected dumpster dive for Stiles; they land him in the hospital. This leads to the most uncomfortable hospital visit in the world.

Modern familyish series
- pt.1: Next week he’ll be joining the PTA
Rating: T
Words: 915
Summary: “Isn’t that Derek Hale?” Snorting, Stiles pats the Sheriff’s shoulder patronizingly. “Yeah, dad, because Derek Hale’s going to be walking around my school during Parent-Teacher Night.”
- pt.2: Modern familyish
Rating: T
Words: 3,884
Summary: There’s been a weird current around the school ever since the night of the rave. It’s an underlying message weaving around the corridors that says in quiet, hushed whispers, “Don’t mess with Stilinski or two of the hottest kids in school will kick your ass.”

→ Monster of the green-eyed variety
Rating: M
Words: 1,261
Summary: Derek is not jealous because Derek doesn’t do jealousy. It’s pointless. A waste of time. So, no. Not something he indulges in. He’s above all that. Or at least that’s what he tells himself, anyway.

Morning bled at the water’s edge
Rating: M
Words: 1,636
Summary: Kink meme fill. Knotting “may be important in completing the psychological bond between two newly mated animals…the copulatory tie works as a form of biologically enforced cuddling.”

Not so innocence
Rating: M
Words: 3,865
Summary: In which Stiles hates witches, Derek reveals a little-known fact about werewolves, and one of them finally makes a move.

Of sharing shirts (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 3,152
Summary: Stiles borrows one of Derek’s shirts because he can, because likes the way it feels and smells. Derek likes the way Stiles smells when he wears it.

Not a satin heart
Rating: M
Words: 3,060
Summary: Stiles struggles to settle into his place in the pack and Derek’s world. Derek offers him something to help.

Stop me if I say too much
Rating: T
Words: 1,865
Summary: Scott still seems to think that training involves jumping around until Allison looks impressed.

Quiet is the loudest noise of all
Rating: M
Words: 745 
Summary: Sex is the only time that Stiles—wordy, mouthy, Adderall-addicted, literally cannot shut up to save his life Stiles—is quiet.

Quit talking (or I’m gonna rip your throat out with my teeth)
Rating: M
Words: 4,035 
Summary: Derek and Stiles have a lot of conversations when they are stuck saving the day together.

Running from werewolves is a full time job
Rating: M
Words: 3,953 
Summary: Stiles hangs out with Allison and Lydia before spending some time on his back with Derek.

On the job training (♥)
Rating: T
Words: 21,177 (6/6 chapters)
Summary: Stiles finally gets the practical experience he’s been looking for. It’s safe to say it doesn’t happen even remotely the way he was expecting. AKA, pretend boyfriends! With a twist!

Secret weapon
Rating: T
Words: 2,790 
Summary: Stiles just wants to see if those stupid abs are real, okay? Because how are they even. So, without pausing to think of the potential consequences, he drops down to his knees and brushes his fingers over Derek’s abdomen.

Seaside framed in glass
Rating: T
Words: 2,425
Summary: "I’m going to name you Derek," Stiles announces, still looking cross-eyed at the puppy in his hands. It’s looking back with a confused and sad expression, probably asking Stiles in some baby dog language why it’s being named after a brooding werewolf. "It’s because you’re always sulking, even though I got you a nice basket and biscuits and everything," he says sternly. The puppy whines and hangs its head. Derek is pretty cute.

Practice makes perfect
Rating: Not rated
Words: 2,024
Summary: Stiles wasn’t expecting to see Derek Hale for a few days. It’s the way their interactions usually go; Stiles annoys him at the pack meeting, Derek avoids him for a few days. So, when he got home and ran up the stairs, a bit like an elephant, he really wasn’t expecting Derek to be asleep on his bed, or you know, in his room at all.

My light on your screen
Rating: M
Words: 2,567
Summary: Derek might have to apologize later.

Pancakes and murder
Rating: T
Words: 14,625 
Summary: Stiles’ life has been a roller-coaster filled with awesome highs and terrifying drops ever since his best friend Scott got bit by a werewolf. The ride hits a bump when a dead body turns up at the Hale house (again) and Derek’s only alibi is Stiles. Which would be fine, except that Stiles’ dad is the sheriff and has no idea his son has been hanging out with the former fugitive. Awkward.

Pack’s verse series (♥)
- pt.1: Roll over
Rating: M
Words: 5,181 
Summary: Stiles does some research on pack dynamics.
- pt.2: Heartbeat
Rating: M
Words: 10,073 
Summary: Everything is normal, except for the werewolf in his kitchen.
- pt.3: No provocation
Rating: M
Words: 11,758 
Summary: Stiles is awkward; or, no one in Stiles’ life adjusts to change gracefully - himself included.

Inside these arms
- pt.1: About today
Rating: T
Words: 8,901
Summary: Stiles is having the worst day of his life and it keeps happening.
- pt.2:Until tomorrow
Rating: T
Words: 9,016
Summary: Derek’s worst nightmares didn’t prepare him for this.

One more thing
Rating: T
Words: 2,849
Summary: There are stakeouts, texting, grenades and chemistry homework. And silly boys who don’t know how to say how they feel.

Nothing gets by a Stilinski AKA Stiles had to get his awesome from somewhere
Rating: M
Words: 5,889 (4/4 chapters)
Summary: In Which Sheriff Stilinski almost gives Stiles a heart attack

Blood and bullets (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 2,190
Summary: There is only one reason why Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale would be locked in a closet together…the fates are getting off on it.

Little red riding hood (you sure are looking good) (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 10,216
Summary: Stiles hangs out with werewolves. Stiles dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It’s supposed to be ironic.

Go for the gold (and a few other things)
Rating: T
Words: 14,757 (3/3 chapters)
Summary: Stiles came to the Olympics with one goal- get a gold medal. By Opening Ceremonies, he has two goals. Win a gold medal, and sleep with Derek Hale. Unfortunately for him, those two goals are equally difficult.

The Rory to my Amy series (♥♥)
pt.1 - Permanent fixture
Rating: M
Words: 80,777 (4/4 chapters)
Summary: Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.
pt.2 -  Finding mickey
Rating: T
Words: 6,993
Summary: “No,” Stiles said. “Look at it this way, you’re the Tenth Doctor, Allison is Rose, and Isaac is Martha. You need to find-.” “Don’t compare my life to Doctor Who!”
pt.3 - I bet people call you Madame Kavorian
Rating: T
Words: 2,909
Summary: “You actually called her Madame Kovarian?” “I might have.” Derek smirked, leaning forward to press his lips against Stiles’ and mumble against them. “And just when I thought that I couldn’t love you more.”

Your face is like a melody (it won’t leave my head)
Rating: T
Words: 8,386
Summary: Prompt. ”Since age three, Stiles has been dreaming of Derek. When he was younger, he would always babble about Derek and draw pictures of them together, etc. but everyone just assumed that Derek was his imaginary friend. Stiles himself didn’t realize that Derek was a real person until he heard about the Hale fire but by that time, Derek and Laura had moved to New York. “

Lock all the doors behind you (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 25,959
Summary: He has no idea what you’re supposed to say when you find one of your…werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they’re about to see what your insides taste like. There’s no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.

Wolf whistle series (♥)
pt.1 - Into the spin
Rating: T
Words: 8,114
Summary: It’s all about belief in the end.
pt.2 - Catch me if you can
Rating: T
Words: 5,388
Summary: There’s a general rule that Stiles sucks at hide and seek when it comes to playing with the pack. He’s decided to even the odds.
pt.3 - Trigger finger
Rating: T
Words: 9,353
Summary: Stiles hates inevitability. It’s why he still struggles with the concepts of belief. Inevitability, his belief will fail him.
pt.4 - Interlude
Rating: T
Words: 2,792
Summary: There is much Peter will do for family. Pity that Derek will never truly understand those lengths.
pt.5 - Howl
Rating: T
Words: 6,891 (1/4 chapters)
Summary: Not everyone is keen on letting Stiles recover after his stint in the hospital, and Derek is acting far too suspicious considering the severity of the attack. Stiles is not amused.

We should become more adventurous
Rating: T
Words: 8,706 (2/2 chapters)
Summary: Werewolves are the kind of horror you only find in books and movies and gay porn, so forgive him for being a little slow on the uptake.

Dogs of war
Rating: T
Words: 2,230
Summary: The truth turns out to be something else, entirely.
A savage such as I
Rating: M
Words: 6,645
Summary: “So what, are you taking me out to the woods to whack me? Is this the part of the movie where Al Pacino stares at the baby in the church while all of the henchman go out to slaughter his enemies? Because I kinda don’t want to die, and I definitely don’t want to be in pain. I’m not really a pain person. Well, okay, there was that one website that- No. Never mind. Shutting up now.”
Leave your window open
Rating: T
Words: 928
Summary: Stiles has nightmares, Derek comforts him.
Don’t look at me (I’m indiscreet)
Rating: T
Words: 1,745
Summary: The pack asks Stiles to find a way to get Derek to chill out. This is the best he can come up with.
Milkshakes and Matchsticks (series)
Rating: T
Words: 52,917
Summary: This is like the pre-credits sequence of every horror movie, he’s probably going to be eaten before the main character is even introduced.
There is a brotherhood (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 21,004 (3/3 chapters)
Summary: Or, the one where pledge brothers Stiles and Scott start a prank war with Derek Hale’s fraternity.
Cold nose, warm heart
Rating: T
Words: 1,261
Summary: Derek and Stiles in a cave doing what people do in caves. [Make out.]
The chronicles of Stiles’ sofa (series)
Rating: T
Words: 45,223
Summary: Stiles doesn’t trust Derek, and he’s almost positive that Derek will never trust him, either, but that’s the one thing that they can trust about one another. They can trust that mutual distrust above all things.
Only if for a night (♥)
Rating T
Words: 2,570
Summary: “Here,” Derek pulled Stiles’ red hood over his head and leaned down far too close to his personal space, “Pretend like we’re just making out. Maybe he’ll let us off with a warning.”
To wong foo, thanks for everything! Julie Newmar
Rating: M
Words: 5,224
Summary: It’s the summer before senior year and Stiles is doing just fine. Right up until he gets shitfaced and tells a room full of drag queens that he’s attracted to an alpha werewolf and that oh, yeah, he’s been wondering about whether or not they have knots. It all goes downhill from there, but in a good way.
He takes his coffee black
Rating: M
Words: 16,843
Summary: …It’s the last place on earth he expects to find a kindred spirit, but some twitchy kid named Stiles— with his simple order of one black coffee and a wry little grin— turns out to be just that.
All you’re giving me is friction
Rating: M
Words: 4,707
Summary: The alpha pack was nothing like what Derek expected.
On building an IKEA den for an alpha werewolf
Rating: M
Words: 13,892 (2/2 chapters)
Summary: Senior Prom is coming up, and Stiles doesn’t have a date. Additionally, Derek has an unfurnished apartment, and no one to take him to IKEA.
Will of the weakness
Rating: T
Words: 2,248
Summary: Whenever Derek threw Stiles into walls, he always assumed that the teenager didn’t fight because he couldn’t. Not once did he consider the possibility that Stiles was holding back.
The ETA of you and me (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 105,308 (16/16 chapters)
Summary: In which Derek drives a tow truck and Stiles is the weekend dispatcher who attempts to woo him with his lack of a brain-to-mouth filter and affinity for run-on sentences.
The pull of the tide 
Rating: M
Words: 27,954 (20/20 chapters)
Summary: Stiles appears alone at the doors of the emergency room the morning after the full moon, covered in blood with a deep slash torn across his left side. He’s suffering from hypovolemic shock and barely conscious and he won’t tell anyone what happened—not his hospital appointed psychiatrist, not his father. Not even his pack.
Burn by night (*)
Rating: T
Words: 15,372
Summary: Sheriff Stilinski has been kidnapped by Alpha werewolves. As bait. For his own son.

Famous last words series (♥)
Rating: M
Works: 6
→ Winter of the fall
Rating: M
Words: 12,783
Summary: Of course it couldn’t be an ordinary cold snap. Of course there was something supernatural to it. That was just how things worked in Beacon Hills. (or five times Stiles was cold and one time he wasn’t.)
Safe at anchor
Rating: T
Words: 11,371
Summary: All hail Stiles, the Fixer of Wolves.
Try to swim and stay afloat
Rating: M
Words: 9,021
Summary: “‘M tired,” Stiles whines. “Derek if I just -“ "No," Derek says. And he says it so simply; it’s not mean or meant to hurt Stiles, it’s just his honest answer. Stiles chokes on a sob. He’s so tired, and all he wants is just one. One shot. He knows he’ll feel better, and he hates Derek for saying no.
Professional Misconduct
Rating: M
Words: 7,936
Summary: Stiles gets a massage. And then some. Alternatively: in which Stiles’ mouth gets him into trouble, again and again.
Sideways and slantways and longways and backways (*)
Rating: T
Words: 7,801
Summary: (Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)
Flint and tinder
Rating: T
Words: 6,781
Summary: “Hi,” a voice comes through and Derek really wishes it’d take more than that to know who it is.
Flight risk with a fear of falling (*)
Rating: T
Words: 3,041
Summary: “Got a curse I cannot lift,” Derek grinds out, jaunty beat completely at odds with his murderous glare.
Can’t be hateful, gotta be greateful
Rating: T
Words: 6,260
Summary: "Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma." (Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the rightwrong idea.)
Rating: M
Words: 13,115
Summary: Holy shit. Stiles was just tackled to the ground by a fucking underwear model with a badge.
How far do I have to go to get you
Rating: M
Words: 5,189
Summary: Stiles never knows if it’s worse when Derek Hale steps out of the shadows or when he slinks back into them; either way, Stiles never expected to have this many feelings about his stupid old yellow owl shirt.
This boy, half destroyed
Rating: T
Words: 25,598
Summary: Derek Hale used to have a family. Now, he’s got a teenage human more trouble than he’s worth.
Three-step program to asking out a human
Rating: T
Words: 3,025
Summary: Step-1: Apologize for past actions. Step-2: Gain their trust. Step-3: Make a move.
This is the season baristas fear the most (*)
Rating: T
Words: 5,470
Summary: Scott is hands down the worst barista Derek has ever hired. But it’s Christmas and apparently that meanssomething to some people.
Truth or dare (*)
Rating: M
Words: 8,727
Summary: Derek can’t tell the truth. At all. It’s funny until it isn’t.
Mortal peril on the side (*)
Rating: M
Words: 9,870
Summary: Stiles and Derek figure things out. Sheriff Stilinski remains remarkably calm. Stiles gets some advice from two of his mother’s friends.
No refills
Rating: T
Words: 6,765
Summary: Stiles spends almost every night at Winston Diner. They have the best coffee he’s ever tasted, and free wifi. Of course, the only waiter ever on staff after eleven, Derek, was a piece of work. But maybe, underneath that chilly personality, Derek was the kind of person who Stiles didn’t mind spending every night with, after all.
Highly inappropriate
Rating: M
Words: 5,028
Summary: Derek was drugged and literally covered in blood and Stiles was about to crumple under the weight of guilt that came with being an impulsive idiot, but for some reason his dick wasn’t getting the message that this was by no means a sexy situation.
Never learned to go slow (*)
Rating: M
Words: 14,492
Summary: In which Stiles is misery, and Derek is company. Or something.
The road to self-actualization is littered with f-bombs
Rating: M
Words: 24,811
Summary: It’s Stiles’s final Spring Break of his college career, and he’s got plans to do a whole lot of nothing. But Derek has other plans for him, and before he knows it, Stiles is joining Derek to go undercover at a couples’ retreat in a bid to catch a ring of thieves. It’s the world’s most perfect plan! Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Prince among wolves (♥♥)
Rating: T
Words: 82,075 (17/20 chapters)
Summary: Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.
Gravity’s got nothing on you (♥♥)
Rating: M
Words: 83,980 (11/11 chapters)
Summary: Or, the one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help.
Not like bond and moneypenny (♥)
Rating: M
Words: 29,869
Summary: AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty
And i’ll just keep on stumblin’ (right now it feels too humblin’)
Rating: T
Words: 6,600
Summary: Derek Hale is pretty much the worst person in the world to hypothetically develop a crush on, being a murder suspect, a dangerous werewolf, a weirdo who stalks people from the treeline, and also living in a train car, Jesus Christ.

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